What is Aeration

One of the best things you can to make your lawn healthy and beautiful is to aerate your lawn. Why should you do this? One of the great benefits of aeration is that it is a method of organic lawn care that improves the strength of your lawn. Aeration is a type of soil cultivation that helps relieve compaction; stimulates growth of your lawn’s roots; improves the ability for organic macronutrients, air, and water to reach your soil; reduces puddling and water runoff; and manages and prevents thatching.

Why does Aeration help

What is “soil compaction”? The soil in your yard becomes compacted over time. Think of “soil compaction” as similar to having dry skin. Due to the stress of summer heat, your lawn’s soil becomes compacted when the pores between your soil become too dense. This density leads to your soil drying out, which can prevent water from getting into your lawn’s roots. When your lawn becomes dried out, your lawn can suffer from erosion, leading to dry brown patches on your lawn and an unhealthy appearance.

How does Aeration work

Aeration is exactly what it sounds like: getting air into your lawn’s soil. This allows your lawn to grow the deepest, healthiest roots possible. Our service aerates the lawn by removing small plugs of soil from the ground. When the ground naturally settles and fills in the holes that are left behind, the loose soil allows nutrients and roots that were trapped at the surface to penetrate deeper underground.

Different types of Aeration

There are two techniques for aerating your lawn: spike aeration and plug aeration. Spike aeration involves simply puncturing your lawn with small holes without removing any of the soil. Plug aeration means not only creating small holes in your lawn but actually removing the “plugs” of soil and leaving them on the surface. This is sometimes called core aeration, and is much better at improving a compacted lawn. Once these plugs have dried out, they break up easily and effectively the next time your lawn is mowed.

When we Aerate

Since aeration disturbs the roots of your lawn, it is important that they get a chance to recover before being exposed to other trauma like a summer drought.  Because of this, we only aerate when your lawn’s conditions are appropriate. Our aeration service is available in the spring (usually in April and May) and in the fall (usually in September and October), the two optimal seasons for yearly maintenance of your lawn. We recommend that you aerate your lawn once per year.


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