Dethatching your lawn is an organic way of improving the overall health of your lawn. This is a critical step to maintaining the appearance and strength of your lawn all-year-round.

 What is Thatch

Thatch is a build-up of naturally occurring mixture of plant material on the surface of your lawn. Mostly, this organic matter is composed of dead grass, but thatch often will also include leaves, stolons, stems, rhizomes, and weeds. Layers of thatch will ultimately grow thicker, and it can become increasingly difficult for your grass to get the air, water, and nutrients that it needs to grow healthy and green.  Damage from the growth of thatch needs to be addressed every year in order to maintain the health of your lawn.

 What is Dethatching

Dethatching is the process of breaking up and removing this layer of thatch. It works similar to raking, but instead of just scraping the clippings off the top of the lawn, special dethatching tools reach down into the thatch layer and pull it up.

 When we Dethatch

Since dethatching disturbs the roots of your lawn, it is important that your lawn’s roots get a chance to recover before being exposed to additional weather traumas, such as a summer drought.  Because of this, we only dethatch when the conditions are appropriate. Our dethatching service is available in the spring (usually until mid-May) and fall (usually starting mid-September). Dethatching is recommended on an as needed basis.


Fees vary based on size, location, and other obstacles. Please contact us to request a free estimate!

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