Regularly fertilizing your lawn can ensure that it has the proper mix of nutrients required to grow to its maximum potential. Exactly what blend of fertilizer is should be used and how much is required for your lawn depends on your specific combination of grass, soil, and surrounding environment. Different applications of fertilizer will be appropriate at different times of the year. Our fertilizing service is available spring through fall, with one-time service or yearly treatment available to all clients.

Why Fertilize

Fertilizing your lawn is a crucial component to having a healthy, lush lawn all season long. There are several benefits to using fertilizer on your lawn. The proper and timely application of lawn fertilizer will promote strong root growth of your turfgrass, help your lawn recovery from heavy foot traffic and damage from insects, reduce and control weeds, and replace nutrients lost throughout the year due to extreme weather.

When to Fertilize

When deciding which fertilizer to use on your lawn, you’ll discover that there are three numbers printed on the bag. These numbers designate the percentage levels of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium in the fertilizer.

Fertilizer Application

We use fertilizer that employs a slow-release technology. Many companies will sell fertilizer that needs to be applied every four weeks. We believe a four-week application is an indication of a poor fertilizer and a waste of your money. All of the fertilizers we use are slow-release and don’t need to be applied less often than eight weeks per treatment.

Dangers of over fertilizing

One of the important elements of using our service is that we don’t overapply your fertilizer. Over-application can actually cause damage to your lawn, leading to both uneven growth and brown patches.


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