Seasonal Maintenance

Our seasonal maintenance program includes removal of all leaves, twigs, sticks and other debris, trimming of all ornamental or seasonal grasses, and light pruning of all dead or diseased limbs and branches.


Stick and Branch Removal

Over the course of a year, small sticks and twigs will fall onto your lawn. These, of course, hurt to step on! But it’s not only for the sake of your feet. Sticks, twigs, and other debris lying on your lawn all fall and winter can damage your lawn. Make your lawn look beautiful by having all excess tree branches, sticks, and twigs removed.



This may sound simple, but pruning is one of the best ways to maintain healthy growth and appearance throughout the entire year. When tree, shrub, or flower branches have been damaged due to the extreme weather in State College, pruning is a smart way to strengthen your plants. We remove dead or broken branches, shape trees and shrubs, and use the best horticulture and silviculture practices to maintain your lawn.



In the State College area, the best time to seed your lawn is in late summer or early fall. Seeding your lawn in the fall allows the grass to go through two cycles of growth, one early in the fall and one in the spring, before the stress of summer heat. These two growth cycles will help your lawn grow healthy roots and look its best in June, July, and August. We offer a variety of seeding options so you can choose the best lawn for your home. You’ll want to consider how much direct sunlight or shade your lawn gets in order to select the best grass seed to plant.  Yearly reseeding will keep your lawn looking its best all year round!



Despite sounding like it is too much of a good thing, overseeding is a smart fall maintenance practice that will keep your lawn healthy all-year round. Overseeding is the planting of fresh grass seed over already existing turf. All lawn becomes damaged due to natural aging and wear-and-tear, so adding new grass via overseeding is a good, simple way of keeping your lawn strong and beautiful. In the State College area, fall is the best time to overseed your lawn while the temperatures are cool but your soil remains warm.



Weeds are weakest in the fall, so it is the best time to removed weeds from your lawn. Perennial weeds, such as dandelions and creeping Charlie.



The best time to fertilize your lawn is right before the winter, giving your grass the opportunity to grow strong, healthy roots.



While fall foliage is beautiful, keeping your lawn clear of leaves is priority number one. Not only does this allow homeowners to show off a green, healthy lawn, but raking leaves prevents the spread of disease. When leaves get wet and heavy, they can suffocate your lawn, creating dead and brown spots in an otherwise healthy lawn.  Beneath your leaves, where the ground is moist and wet, are where fungal and root diseases grow. Leaf removal is one of the most important things you can do to maintain a healthy lawn year round.


Other services include: Liming, Dethatching, Aeration, Disease Treatment, Insect Control and Lawn Renovation


Fees vary by service and location.

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