Stump Grinding

Our stump removal program includes the removal of the entire tree stump as well as all exposed roots. Stumps are typically ground between four to six inches below the level of the surrounding earth. All excess debris is removed. Depending upon the location, the existing hole is filled with clean topsoil and topped with fresh grass seed and straw.

Why remove stumps

Why should you grind your tree stumps? Because stumps are ugly and dangerous. Tree stumps can damage lawn mower blades and are easy for small children to fall over. Stumps attract insects and can damage the root system of healthy trees in your yard.  Removing these eyesores not only makes your lawn look beautiful but also protects you, your family, and your lawn.

Our stump removal process has four steps.

Step 1

Identify and estimate the cost of removal. We provide an estimate of our labor and service costs so that there are no surprises, whether you have one or several stumps to remove.  We consider the age, size, and type of stump in order to use the best stump removal techniques. We are proud of our commitment to remove stumps without burning or using dangerous chemicals.


Stump Grinding with Safety Barrier

Step 2

We grind the stump four to six inches below ground level. Why so low? If the tree stump is only removed at the surface level, then grass will not grow over the spot, leaving an ugly brown area in your lawn. By going several inches below the soil, our professional service makes sure that your lawn can grow over this area.

Step 3

We remove excess material and fill the hole with fresh topsoil.

Step 4

We top with grass seed and straw. This new area in your lawn is in the early stages of developing a strong root system. With fresh topsoil, new grass seed, and straw, you’ll be certain to see where our work was done and give your lawn the time it needs to recover and grow strong.

Fees vary based on stump size, location, etc. Please contact us for a free estimate.

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